OsteoBall Workout Manuals for Breast Cancer Survivors (Set of 3)


3 Books for the Ups and Downs of Recovery

Three Books – Over 100 Exercises

There are three OsteoBall workout books. Each one focuses on exercises that can be done in a specific position. The “Mat” exercises can all be done while lying on the floor or your mat; the “Seated” exercises in a chair; and the “Standing” exercises in an upright position.

Each day of recovery may feel different, so you have over 100 different exercises from which to choose. You can find the ones that match your abilities, feeling and desire every day. The OsteoBall offers a personalized exercise program.

The OsteoBall Workout will grow with you. It provides so many exercise options. Since the resistance is based on how much you put into it the OsteoBall, it will automatically accommodate your increase in strength.




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